Avocor W6555, W Series, 65" 4K Interactive Touch Screen TV, With Integrated Video Conference Camera, Compatible With Microsoft Teams & Zoom

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Avocor’s W series interactive displays have the integrated features and performance to help keep people connected. Ideal for focus and small meeting rooms, corporate and home offices, both the Teams-certified 65-inch WCD AVW-6555 offer an integrated, high-quality conference camera with a microphone array and audio optimized for use with UC platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the Avocor W series is the ideal platform to create the perfect video collaboration environment.

The world’s first Windows collaboration display certified for Microsoft Teams
Today’s modern business environments thrive on ‘we-centric’ work and technology has a huge role in bringing teams together to be more productive. Interactive displays play a vital part to support teamwork, either together in a shared meeting space or bringing people together from remote locations, enabling effective collaboration and improving team engagement.

Next generation interactive displays for seamless meetings and perfect teamwork
Windows collaboration displays by Avocor are the ideal teamwork tool and they answer some of the common challenges in having effective meetings, such single-cable BYOD connectivity, network and power, all while seamlessly delivering the power of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams at room scale.Windows collaboration displays by Avocor are the first WCD to be certified for Microsoft Teams, which enables the power of Teams to accelerate collaboration, communication and simply enable teams, whether local or remote, to get more done.

Tools, conversations and file syncronization with Microsoft Teams
Ideal for focus rooms with seating for up to 5 people, the WCD from Avocor makes it simple for team members to connect, whether in the same room or across the globe, allowing people to work together seamlessly and get more done. Teams can also easily access a shared workspace and chat functionality enables users to engage natively using an all-in-one interactive videoconferencing display that includes integrated cameras, stereo speakers and far-field microphones. Team productivity using the Windows collaboration displays is elevated to new heights with files, conversations, tools and contacts that originate on a team member’s desktop and can be easily synced and shared via the display through Microsoft Teams, allowing for a truly frictionless work experience.

Single-cable BYOD connectivity for fast and easy set-up
Another unique feature of the WCD from Avocor is the innovative USB Type-C single-cable solution that connects a Windows 10 device to the display. This allows for immediate control of the camera and mic for video and audio, as well as providing hard-wire Ethernet connection and power to the laptop. With the average meeting taking around 10 minutes to get started, this pioneering cable solution allows for seamless setup for meetings and bringing teams together more efficiently, while smart switching between inputs makes multiple-user collaboration quick and straightforward.

Built from the ground up, with teamwork in mind
The Windows collaboration displays by Avocor are designed with teamwork in mind.Featuring pixel-precise smooth touch, native 4K resolution display and camera and easy access to the full suite of Microsoft 365 collaboration tools backed by the intelligent cloud, the WCD by Avocor becomes a room-scale extension of your laptop, making it intuitive and easy to share any type of data or file with everyone in the room as well as everyone on the call.

Certified to work with Microsoft Azure, for data-driven facilities management
In addition to being teamwork devices, Windows collaboration displays from Avocor are Microsoft Azure-certified, featuring built-in sensors that connect to Azure IoT Smart Spaces, so facility managers can utilize the environmental data they collect to make real-time adjustments and future room and investment planning. Avocor's Aquarius WorkSpace Intelligence is a turnkey, subscription-based software service that provides real-time analysis of your meeting spaces by pulling data from Avocor’s innovative Windows collaboration displays with onboard Digital Twins sensors and your existing Microsoft 365 meeting data to deliver insights through easy-to-use dashboards. Combining collaboration display sensor data with Microsoft 365 meeting information, Aquarius offers a simple way to gain valuable analysis about meeting room utilization, is fast and easy to deploy, and provides the flexible management you need to make important decisions about your office facilities and increase your room and UC hardware ROI.