Poly CCX Series Business Media Phones: The desktop phone that checks all the boxes

Posted by LIONWARE on 11th Apr 2021

Poly CCX Series Business Media Phones: The desktop phone that checks all the boxes

Poly CCX Business Media IP Phones

Why You Should Buy The Poly CCX Series Desktop Business Media Phones?

Never miss a word or inflection on a Poly CCX business media phone. It features the audio quality we’re known for with Poly HD Voice and Poly Acoustic Clarity—plus our exclusive.  Poly Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI, which eliminates distracting background noise at the source. It’s simple and intuitive to use. Need video support and integrated WiFi—we’ve got you covered. Need fast, responsive touch screen performance and integrated Bluetooth—we’ve got that too.Designed for the way you work, it gives you options to suit your style—from headsets to a traditional handset. Any way you go, you’ll be your productive best.

Legendary audio and next generation features
Convenience at your fingertips. Here’s the desktop phone that raises the bar.

Professional. Customizable. Easy to use.
With a handset or a headset, Poly CCX phones are personalized to suit your style

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful
Poly CCX phones gives users what they need at their fingertips

The desktop phone that checks all the boxes
Legendary audio, intuitive interfaces and headset or handset, your choice

Key Features

  • Headset or handset — your choice
  • Hear every nuance with award-winning Poly audio technology
  • Eliminate distracting background noise with exclusive Poly Acoustic Fence
  • Full-duplex speakerphone operation with world-class echo cancellation
  • Integrated video camera (CCX 700)1
  • Add video with optional EagleEye Mini USB Camera (CCX 600)1
  • Color touch-screen operation
  • Powerful chipsets support next-generation features
  • Robust provisioning and management capabilities
  • 7" multi-touch LCD display (CCX 600, CCX 700)
  • 5" multi-touch LCD display (CCX 400 & 500)
  • Easy to install anywhere: Wi-Fi included (CCX 600, CCX 700)

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